Belong Health Case Study #2: Changing Physician Behavior and Improving Patient Health

Case Studies

Curious how behavioral science can improve product design? Dive into our case studies from tech, finance, health, and more.

How can a city improve its citizens’ financial health? We did a rigorous assessment for Orange County, FL.

Car payments are among our most expensive monthly budget items. We nudged people to buy cheaper cars.

We worked with Steady on the questions: How can we increase engagement? Our experiment drove double-digit increases in bank account linkage.

Our experiments with CD mental models examined how framing impacts Americans’ locked savings.

How can we increase people’s financial health in eastern Africa?

How can we increase adoption of internet services around the world?

How can we increase veggie consumption for low income populations? Our work drove change.

How can we increase adoption of small-dollar insurance in Kenya and Tanzania? 

You have a short window of opportunity for behavior change. Take it. 

How can we design our social infrastructure to better help people connect? We did research and launched a product.

How can we reframe the concept of loneliness and prevent people from becoming lonely in the first place? We designed an experiment to drive meaningful conversations.