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Marketing & Growth

We leverage customer psychology to drive growth and boost retention.


Conversion optimization is complicated.

We work with marketing, product and design teams to identify barriers to conversion and systematically make small changes to remove them.

Sometimes you need to ruthlessly decrease friction. We once removed one field and increased conversion by 40%! And sometimes you need to add friction.

Maybe you need to re-imagine how to get a customer to act ASAP or maybe you need to drive stronger upfront commitment in the on-boarding flow.

Conversion optimization is easier when you understand psychology.

For example, by applying behavioral science, we increased the proportion of borrowers who applied  for low-cost loans and ultimately the number of people who took out a low-cost loan.  We did this on two different U.S.-based lending platforms.

We apply a behavioral lens and optimize ecommerce flows, onboarding email campaigns, call center scripts and general funnel flows to drive behavior change for good.

How we increase active use and retention

We leveraged behavioral design to improve member and product outcomes with Credit Karma Money Spend, Credit Karma’s checking account.

How can we reduce customer churn? We designed a program to help new advertisers succeed.

Our behavioral intervention increased telehealth adoption by over 168%.

Telehealth Adoption NeuGen

How can we help people take action to improve their health? Our changes drove 120% more enrollments.

In my two years at Google, this is the best 2 hours I have spent. Thank you.
Google product manager

How Startups Should Use Behavioral Economics

Who most influences our decisions? Those who design the environment in which we make them. Learn how to live up to this responsibility.

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