We use behavioral science to make people
happier, healthier & wealthier.

Irrational Labs has worked with the top companies, solving the hardest problems. I couldn't recommend them more.
Dan Ariely
Author, Professor and Behavioral Economist

Behavioral science insights drive innovation and growth.

We use the psychology of decision-making to create innovative solutions that drive behavior change.
We use a variety of rigorous tools to assess what to build and how.
By understanding customer psychology, we accelerate growth and retention.

Our Method: Behavioral Design

We use a scientific approach to design and grow solutions that prompt behavior change.

Behavioral Economics Online Courses

We offer immersive, 8-week, online courses for professionals looking to do a deep-dive into applied behavioral economics. Upon completing the course, attendees will be choice architects, able to shape the environment in which decisions are made.

Custom Workshops

Our interactive workshops help your team learn how to apply behavioral insights while attacking your biggest product challenges. You learn the seminal psychologies affecting your customers and design smart solutions to address them.

Irrational Labs has created a fantastic framework for thinking about behavior change and how to test it out in the wild.
Kelvin Kwong
VP of Product at Big Health

On the Blog

Read our latest musings. We are biased but we think our POVs are quite interesting.

Our TEDx Talk

Our co-founder and CEO Kristen Berman gave a TEDx Talk about Behavioral Design.

Join our bootcamp

Check our 8-week online course. Find out why your customers make decisions and how to change behavior (for good).

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