Financial Services

Financial Services

Design for the psychology of money.
We help financial service companies design products that improve lives.

Types of Things We Can Help With


  • What are effective strategies to boost engagement with fintech products?
  • How can we encourage users to link their bank accounts?


  • What builds trust in decentralized finance tools, such as digital wallets?
  • How do people spend and invest money differently with digital vs. physical currencies?

Investment & Asset Managers

  • How can we promote responsible, long-term investment behavior in wealth products?
  • How can we simplify complex financial information on robo-advisory platforms?

Banks & Credit Unions

  • How do we help people increase emergency savings?
  • How can we encourage the use of retirement planning tools?


  • How do we increase repayment on loans?
  • How do we decrease default rates on loan payments?


  • How can we design and increase adoption of insurance products?
  • How can AI simplify and automate financial planning to drive better financial outcomes?

AI Disruption in Fintech: What You Need to Know


Where We're Headed

Will AI reduce barriers in financial decision-making and enable more people to better manage their finances?


What We Worry About

Will AI increase bias in lending and enable new forms of fraud? What are the regulatory hurdles?


Who We're Watching

Which fintech players are leading the charge to design for human behavior—while helping us improve our financial health?

Case Studies

We leveraged behavioral design to improve member and product outcomes with Credit Karma Money Spend, Credit Karma’s checking account.

We worked with Steady on the questions: How can we increase engagement? Our experiment drove double-digit increases in bank account linkage.

Does budgeting work to drive down spending? Our study shares surprising results.

Irrational Labs' expertise in behavioral science is unparalleled and they are the perfect behavioral partner. Their team's ability to dissect complex consumer behaviors and give actionable recommendations is truly impressive.
Dan Sarbacker
Enterprise Design & UX Director, American Family Insurance

Perspectives on Finance & Fintech

Banks and fintechs make a common mistake. They treat their people as if they are solo decision-makers. That’s not usually the case. In reality, people have families and spouses and partners to consult. This guide reviews the research on financial decision-making between couples.

Fintech product design is about more than just ease of use. Here are 4 behavioral science principles every fintech should know.

Discover 3 product design experiments that Credit Karma has done (plus a bonus one) — and how you can apply them to your own product design.

Fintech? Bank? Tech company rolling out a wallet?


Our Services

From concept to code, explore how we get our hands dirty with research, product, and marketing challenges.

Our Areas of Expertise

Learn how we are helping change behaviors across the domains of health, education, finance, and more.

Join our Bootcamp

Understand your customers’ choices and learn how to change their behavior for the better — in our 8-week online Behavioral Design course.

AI Disruption in Finance: Behavioral Science Insights on Trends, Influencers, & Challengers

How is AI disrupting and transforming fintech in 2023, and what’s the behavioral science view on where we’re headed? Read our whitepaper for insights.

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