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Our Method

Our Method: Behavioral Design

Behavioral design uses insights from behavioral economics to develop and design solutions that change behavior (for the better).


What is the behavior you are solving for? What is every single step to get to that behavior?

Identify Psychologies

What psychology most impacts people’s decision-making at every step?


What is your hypothesis on behavior change? What is the test that could help you learn if you’re right?

We use this scientific approach to design and grow solutions

The 3Bs of Behavioral Design


Identify the Behavior

Get uncomfortably specific.


Reduce Barriers

Design for the path of least resistance.


Increase Benefits

Drive action with immediate rewards.

Dive In


We do evidence-based decision-making to mitigate risks and avoid mistakes.

Literature Review

We aren’t starting from scratch. We leverage decades of academic research to design solutions.

Behavioral Design

We use a 3-step process to design innovative solutions that change behavior for the better.

Read Case Studies

See it in action. Read about how we’re applying this in organizations to drive results.

Interested in applying behavioral science?

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Get actionable insights into how behavioral science is revolutionizing product design and improving people’s lives.

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