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When you understand the psychology of your customers, you can build products that have a bigger impact.

This 2-month online course will guide you through the most important lessons from behavioral economics and how to apply them to design innovative product and marketing strategies.  

This bootcamp completely changed the way I see the world.

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The Behavioral Design Process:
Our Toolkit

Behavioral design is a problem-solving approach that uses insights from the field of behavioral economics to develop and design products that actually change behavior (for good).

The 3Bs

This framework goes through the 3 most important steps to design for behavior change.

Behavioral Diagnosis

A behavioral diagnosis is a detailed, step-by-step analysis of how users actually behave, and it's usually our starting point.

Experimental Guide

How to use experiments when designing products and services to make evidence-based decisions and avoid costly missteps.

Evidence-Based Lit Review

Basing strategy on evidence-based solutions is key to any successful behavioral science-based design. Here is our guide on how to do a lit-review.