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Product Design

Product Design

We use the psychology of decision-making to create innovative solutions that drive behavior change.


Behavioral Design

We use behavioral science to inform product decisions.

Behavior change is hard. You’re not going to crack the nut after a few customer interviews. Too often, teams start the product development process by asking people what they want or would use.

At Irrational Labs we use Behavior Design. We study the environment of decision making to create hypotheses about user behavior.

I feel like we've been given a pair of X-Ray glasses to see a hidden world driving user behavior. These insights and tools will shape how we build experiences for the foreseeable future.
Ryan Murphy
Director of User Experience at Indeed

Case Studies

How can we redesign financial planning to better help low-income Americans succeed? We helped design an SMS + human financial coaching app

How do you pressure test new feature ideas? We dry tested a new feature concept to get real data on adoption rates.

How can we design our social infrastructure to better help people connect? We did research and launched a product.

We do it all. Our team supports concept to code.

We insert behavioral science into the high level strategy and the small details of design and copy.

Literature Review
UX Testing
Behavioral Diagnosis
Experimental Design
Quantitative Concept Research
Data Analysis
Design Mock-ups

Interested in the science of decision making?


Our Services

From concept to code, explore how we get our hands dirty with research, product and marketing challenges.

Our Areas of Expertise

How do you change X behavior? See what we’ve done across the domains of health, education, finance and more.

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Learn how behavioral design can drive your outcomes.

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