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We’re looking for smart, highly ambitious, scientific thinkers. Join our behavioral science team. Apply today.

Irrational Labs is a behavioral science lab focused on increasing health, wealth and happiness.

We take behavioral insights out of the lab and into product development. This is truly a unique concept, blending academic rigor and rapid prototyping to create research-driven, market-viable solutions.

You’ll be joining a team with unparalleled experience in the field. We are consistently brought on to the top companies as their secret weapon to drive behavior change. We work with companies like LinkedIn, Lyft, Fidelity, Google, Intuit, Aetna, Airbnb and many more. They are asking us to solve the hard problems.

We are currently not accepting candidates without any industry work experience. You must be within 3 hours of San Francisco timezone.




Behavioral Science Consultant - Part Time or Full Time