Irrational Labs is a behavioral science lab focused on increasing health, wealth and happiness.

We take behavioral insights out of the lab and into product development. This is truly a unique concept, blending academic rigor and rapid prototyping to create research-driven, market viable solutions.

The team is looking for someone to drive projects from research to production and help execute on Irrational Labs’ ambitious 2019 goals.

You’ll be joining a team with unparalleled experience in the field. We were co-founded with famed author and professor Dan Ariely and have worked with companies like Lyft, Fidelity, Google, Facebook, Aetna and many more to drive behavior change for good.

We’re interested in people with diverse backgrounds. You may have a master in behavioral science or 3 years of consulting experience. We do not require (nor prioritize) having a Phd. We are currently not accepting candidates without any industry work experience.

about our hiring process:

You’re more than just a resume to us! There is an initial set of questions applicants must fill out. We appreciate the time and energy you will have to put into this and we look forward to getting to know you better.

Note: The BE Applied recruiting platform contains a set of demographic questions that we have been unable to opt out of presenting, which are on the first page of the application (“Equal opportunities info”). If you don’t want to answer them or just want to save a little time, we encourage you to skip these questions and scroll to the bottom of the page and select “I don’t want anyone to have this, even if it’s only being used to reduce hiring bias.” We won’t see your responses to this page either way. Good luck!

Business & Marketing Associate (Part-time)

Behavior scientist (Part-time, contract)