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Train Your Team to Think Like Behavioral Scientists

Our expert team of behavioral scientists has worked with leading companies like Google, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Uber, Intuit, and hundreds more. Join their ranks.

Train Your Teams:
Behavioral Science Workshop

Build a Behavioral
Science Unit

Irrational Labs has worked with the top companies, solving the hardest problems. I couldn't recommend them more.
Dan Ariely
Author, Professor and Behavioral Economist
Irrational Labs has created a fantastic framework for thinking about behavior change and how to test it out in the wild.
Kelvin Kwong
VP of Product at Big Health

Behavioral Science Workshop

Train Your Teams to Apply Behavioral Science
What team trainings do we offer, and who have we trained? For starters:

Argenx hired us to help them understand the psychologies for certain disease states.

BBVA had us train their international product leads on how to use behavioral design to drive their members’ financial health.

Intuit taught their global execs our Behavioral Design process and integrated it into their innovation process.

Microsoft brought us on to infuse behavioral science into the research team’s process and protocol.

Facebook engaged us to run a full-day workshop with the team to create new approaches to internet adoption.

You’ll learn:
The top mistakes teams make doing research
The most critical first step in any behavior change
How to think like a behavioral scientist when evaluating a problem
What psychologies change your customer’s decision-making
How can you understand and use those psychologies to drive behavior change
And you’ll actually do the work.
In rapid-fire, fast-paced sessions, teams will get the chance to put pen to paper and become behavioral scientists.

Pick a ‘Key Behavior’ for your problem

Conduct a behavioral diagnosis to illuminate opportunities

Use the 3Bs to identify top points of intervention

Design an experiment to test your hypothesis

Get Incredible 1:1 Support

One of our expert behavioral scientists will coach you throughout the workshop and give you immediate feedback on your concepts.

Your team will leave with a new perspective and fresh approach to product and marketing development – as well as a list of ideas that can go straight onto the product roadmap.

Start training your teams to leverage behavioral science today.

I feel like we've been given a pair of X-Ray glasses to see a hidden world driving user behavior. These insights and tools will shape how we build experiences for the foreseeable future.
Ryan Murphy
Director of User Experience at Indeed

Build a Behavioral Science Unit

Embed Behavior Change in Your Organization

Behavioral science is a shortcut to innovation and product development. If you really want to use it across your organization, you’ll need to invest in embedding it in your DNA.

How have we done this at leading companies?

Google was a first mover. They brought us in to start their Behavioral Economics Business Unit, where they worked with over 25 Google teams to design and test interventions.

Bulb put 15 people through our Champion program and uncovered key opportunities to drive energy savings and drive internal change.

Swiggy put 100 people through our program and now has the first public behavioral science group in India.

Indeed and Intuit asked us to take the reins on hiring. We did their job description, conducted interviews, and ultimately hired their behavioral scientists.

Belong Health knows the importance of behavior change in health and is investing with us to bring behavioral science into the heart of their organization.

Get our guidance every step of the way. Over 6 months, we will:

Train a select group of people to be your behavioral science champions

Turn your customer insights and psychologies into design principles and playbooks

Guide you on how to staff this function

Embed behavior change in your organization.

Learn from behavioral scientists who have trained the best:

If you want to unlock how your product interacts with humans, you've come to the right place. The team at Irrational Labs know how to take behavioral design and map it to product development. Highly recommend to any PM out there!
After more than 2 years working as a team on a new product launch, it took us less than 2 hours to realize we had been ignoring key behaviors from our key customers that could significantly increase our likelihood of success.
This was a super-engaging, comprehensive introduction to behavioral design, and my team and I walked away with a real plan of action.
The best workshop I've ever attended - theoretical concepts + fun bonding with my team to drive to super applicable and actionable results!

Start building your behavioral science unit today.

Supercharge Your Roadmap with the Science of Decision-Making

Solution Workshop with Indeed

Indeed wanted to leverage behavioral science to help more people get jobs. During our full-day sprint, the Indeed team mastered Irrational Lab’s “3B Framework” for behavior change, conducted a behavior diagnosis and designed seven promising mockups to inform future product roadmaps.

Training Workshop with 20 Fintech Companies

i2i brought us in to teach 20 financial organizations across East Africa about the science of decision-making and the psychology of money. During the three-day workshop, attendees designed behaviorally-informed features to increase the financial health of their customers, all while driving adoption and active use.

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