Behavioral insights improve policy.
Behavioral science provides the lens to look at current policies as well as the research and insight tools to develop new ones.


Increase uptake of existing services

Small changes to forms, communications, and enrollment processes can impact how many people will use your services. 

Behavioral implementation design

From parks to community centers to public transportation and housing services, we’re a SWAT team to bring you from concept to creation. All the details matter. If you build it, they should come.

New programs to increase healthy behaviors

The environment influences our decision making. When we design the environment to support healthy behavior, we can have a massive impact on people’s lives.

I recommend bringing Irrational Labs onto any city team! Their scientific insights will help you increase access and uptake for your most important programs.  
Jessica Cole
former Head of Innovation and Economic Development for Walnut Creek, CA

Case Studies

How can a city improve its citizens’ financial health? We did a rigorous assessment for Orange County, FL.


We helped Culdesac envision and plan for a city without cars.

See how behavioral science can improve your outcomes.


Our Services

From concept to code, explore how we get our hands dirty with research, product, and marketing challenges.

Our Areas of Expertise

Learn how we are helping change behaviors across the domains of health, education, finance, and more.

Join our Bootcamp

Understand your customers’ choices and learn how to change their behavior for the better — in our 8-week online Behavioral Design course.