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Transform Health Outcomes With Behavioral Science

50% of all patients in the U.S. face a challenge: they don’t take their medication as prescribed. This isn’t a medical issue; it’s a behavioral one.

The solution: behavior change. We connect the dots between life science innovations and real-world patient actions—to design care that patients and healthcare providers love.

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What Can Behavioral Science Do For Life Sciences?

Boost Medical Adherence

Gain strategies to ensure that patients adhere to medical treatments, enhancing the effectiveness and consistency of care.

Drive Adoption of New Treatments

Discover how to encourage the uptake of innovative treatments, overcoming barriers to acceptance with behavioral science.

Navigate Decision-Making in Rare Diseases

Understand and design solutions for the complex decision-making processes in rare disease treatment, addressing unique patient and physician challenges.

Get a Shortcut to Patient Insights

Get insights into how your customers are experiencing your product—without contracting a large survey firm to take months to tell you what you already know people are saying.

Spur Provider Decision-Making

Empower providers to make informed, patient-centric decisions swiftly and confidently, enhancing overall healthcare delivery.

Create Effective Companion Apps

Develop companion apps that truly enhance treatment experiences, intuitively aligned with patient needs and outcomes.

Innovate & Grow Sustainably—Using the Science of Behavior Change


Experience Maps & Behavioral Audit

We develop a behavioral score across your patient/HCP experience and show you where you should invest based on our behavioral expertise.


Engagement & Communications Playbooks

We give you dozens of recommendations and medium-fidelity designs that solve for key psychologies when communicating your solution to patients & providers.


Digital Companion App Behavioral Design

We redesign your app, including medium-fidelity wireframes, copy changes, and overall experience improvements, so it’s clear how to solve your biggest pain points and launch a behaviorally-informed product.

Our mission is to create a world where trust in biotech is as strong as the science behind it.
Kristen Berman
CEO & Co-Founder, Irrational Labs

Bridge Trust Gaps for Patients and Providers

By understanding the psychologies that underlie your patients’ decisions, we can gain even the most skeptical HCP’s and patient’s trust. Example psychologies we design for:

  • Social norms: What do people like me do? Whether they’re patients or physicians, we take cues from the people who are most like us to inform our behavior.
  • Pre-commitment: Some medical solutions are easy to want to do in the future but hard to do in the moment. We study how we can close the intention-action gap and enable your future decisions to more closely match what makes you healthiest.
  • Heuristics: Medicine and medical systems are complex. Removing complexity through behaviorally-informed simplification and heuristics can greatly increase the odds that new treatments are adopted and adhered to.
Understand the Impact and ROI of Your Interventions

You can’t know if an intervention is effective without grasping its impact and ROI

When you work with us, you gain detailed insights into how behavioral strategies are performing—ensuring your investments are both innovative and results-driven.

We even do validation testing, conducting behaviorally-informed quant or qual studies to validate your hypotheses before you go to market.

Here are just a few of the business outcomes our behavioral interventions have driven.

Increased Neugen’s telehealth signups by 168% and saved $1.5M over 5 years
Boosted TytoCare's product utilization by 40%
Increase preventative healthcare bookings by 20% for One Medical
Increased Google Adwords retention by 14%

More Ways Behavioral Science Can Help Life Sciences

What it means to serve patients effectively is changing. We combine data with behavioral science to help you understand and reach the people you’re serving.

By removing barriers and enhancing benefits, we equip you with the capabilities to change behavior and improve experiences for patients and prescribers alike.

Clinical trials are vital for medical innovation. But how do you motivate patients to participate in them, much less stick around to the end?

We harness psychology to design trials that simplify the trial experience and provide benefits to participants, ensuring the success of these crucial studies.

Success in life sciences goes way beyond the medication itself—it spans the whole patient experience. How do you tailor this experience to meet patients’ complex needs?

We apply our expertise to help you scope and address patient behaviors, crafting comprehensive solutions that enhance every aspect of their healthcare journey.

Up to 40% of deaths in the US from leading causes could be prevented through behavior change. Our behaviorally-informed approach focuses on the entire patient experience, designing solutions that meaningfully improve lives.
Richard Mathera
Managing Director, Irrational Labs

See Our Impact

TytoCare logo

We designed interventions for the TytoCare device and user journey that drove a 120% increase in devices sold and a 65% increase in completed medical visits.

TytoCare case study

How can you encourage patients to make doctor’s appointments? Our changes drove a 20% increase. 

One Medical Case Study

Our behavioral intervention increased telehealth adoption by over 168%.

Telehealth Adoption NeuGen

Biotech company launching an innovation? Genomics firm testing new treatments?


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