How to Not Die Alone

Dear Men: Episode 139

Ever wished you could apply scientific principles to dating? Behavioral scientist and author of recent Amazon best-seller How to Not Die Alone, Logan Ury draws from social science on sex & relationships, as well as best practices from behavioral science to answer questions like:

  • Should I give up on someone if I don’t feel the “spark” right away? (i.e. not even go on a second date)
  • What are the most important attributes I should look for if I want a healthy, happy relationship?
  • How do I sort through all the many choices on the dating apps to find worthwhile matches? (This is especially interesting, since Ury now works for dating app Hinge)

Ury and Kristen Berman team up to explain the behavioral science behind these decisions. Plus, Ury outlines the 3 different categories she has repeatedly seen in different daters (essentially the “3 types” of daters.) Which one are you? Whether you’re single or in a couple at the moment, you’ll get a lot out of this lively scientific discussion on sex, dating, relationships, and love — and you might even learn How to Not Die Alone.