Digital Well-Being

Digital Well-Being

Attention is our most scarce resource. We help people preserve it.
We create design principles, standards and incentives that help companies act in the best interest of their customers.

Case Study

Our prompts successfully reduced flagged content shares by 24% when compared to a control group.


We do one-day workshops to help teams create design standards and incentives that align their customer and business goals.

We act as an unbiased third party to assess your products and employee incentive structures in support of digital well-being.

We design ethical standards for teams, help leaders get buy-in for these standards and ensure rollout is successful.


A Company's Role in the Attention Economy

Instead of convincing someone to use their device less, design the device so it is used less.

How to Change People's Minds (And Your Own)

Our world is getting more polarized. One potential root cause for this is how we engage in discourse with people who disagree with us. This literature review looks at common patterns of beliefs and biases and examines underlying causes. The tactics presented here will help you more easily have those tough discussions that empower you to change your mind and help you change other people’s minds.

In this review you will learn things like:

  • Why facts backfire and what you can do about it
  • What evolutionary theory says about moral reasoning and how to use Moral Foundation theory in debate
  • 19 different interventions that influence our beliefs

How to Actually Stick To and Accomplish Your Goals

Deciding on making a change in your life (a.k.a goal setting) is a great first step. Even better is putting systems in place to help you stick with your goals. Enter our MANC or Mutually Assured Non-Complacency. Simply put, it’s a system that uses the people closest in your life to assure you don’t fall into status quo ruts. It works by helping you flesh out your goals and develop accountability systems, which are the surest ways to actually achieving your goals.


So you think you can MANC? This worksheet is good for you if you’re thinking about:

  • Starting a new health or mindfulness habit
  • Finding a new relationship
  • Moving jobs or roles
  • Starting a hobby or class
  • Making any change in your life 🙂

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