Loneliness is Increasing. Our Behavioral Science Experiment Found an Unexpected Way of Boosting Connection

Case Studies

Curious how behavioral science can improve product design? Dive into our case studies from tech, finance, health, and more.

How do we fight the loneliness epidemic? Our behavioral science experiment found an unexpected way to boost connection.

How do you increase new patient engagement? We designed a suite of behavioral interventions for Belong Health that accomplished this. Read on to discover how we did it and what we learned.

How do you make physician reports easier to parse and more useful for providers? Learn how we worked with Belong Health to hone in on a critical source of data overload for physicians.

We designed interventions for the TytoCare device and user journey that drove a 120% increase in devices sold and a 65% increase in completed medical visits.

How can we help employers design systems and programs to improve employee wellbeing?

How can you encourage patients to make doctor’s appointments? Our changes drove a 20% increase. 

Our behavioral intervention increased telehealth adoption by over 168%.

How can we help people take action to improve their health? Our changes drove 120% more enrollments.

How can we increase veggie consumption for low income populations? Our work drove change.

You have a short window of opportunity for behavior change. Take it.