Transform Your Pricing into a Powerful Growth Engine
Determine Your Customers' Willingness to Pay

Pricing can be your most powerful growth driver. Our expert team uses advanced behavioral science and data-driven insights to transform your pricing strategy, driving both top-line and bottom-line growth.

For a decade, Irrational Labs has worked closely with tech companies to drive behavior change. They leverage the latest behavioral-science research to improve products’ conversion, engagement, and, most impactfully, pricing. Just in the past few years, they've helped dozens of companies revamp their pricing strategy—with tremendous results.
Lenny Rachitsky
Author, Lenny’s Newsletter and Lenny’s Podcast

Unlock Hidden Value with Strategic Pricing

In-Depth Pricing Research

We conduct rigorous qualitative and quantitative research, including willingness-to-pay (WTP) studies, to uncover insights that reflect your customer’s true value perceptions.

Comprehensive Pricing Strategy

Develop a holistic pricing strategy aligned with your business goals that ensures sustainable growth and profitability—while building long-term customer trust.

Pricing Page Design and Testing

Redesign your pricing page to enhance user experience and boost conversions by harnessing the psychology of customer value perception.

Real Results We've Gotten for Top Companies


Conducted quantitative WTP study for Google X’s self-driving car team. Advised on early-thinking consumer subscription models.

Southwest Airlines

Advised Southwest Airlines on pricing structure for “bags fly free” policy and overall design principles.


Designed approach to highlight customer value for LinkedIn Premium in global markets.

Discover Insights Into Qualitative Pricing Research

Dive into our comprehensive guide to qualitative research, tailored to help B2B companies optimize their pricing. Co-authored with Chris York.

Why Choose Us


Proven Results

Our strategies have helped top companies such as LinkedIn, Google, and Southwest optimize their pricing.


Expert Team

We are a team of senior behavioral scientists and pricing experts with deep expertise in product, marketing, and growth.


Proprietary Framework

Our 3B Framework has been developed, tested, and taught at leading companies and yielded 40+ case studies.

Stay ahead of the competition with strategic pricing. Contact us today to transform your pricing strategy and drive growth.


Our Services

From concept to code, explore how we get our hands dirty with research, product, and marketing challenges.

Our Areas of Expertise

Learn how we are helping change behaviors across the domains of health, education, finance, and more.

Join our Bootcamp

Understand your customers’ choices and learn how to change their behavior for the better — in our 8-week online Behavioral Design course.

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Explore qualitative pricing research in depth.

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