Ethics Training for Employees

Ethics Training for Employees

Address the areas where your company is most vulnerable and learn solutions.

The integrity of your organization depends on the ethics of your team

Ethical decision-making is more nuanced. Research shows that we are all susceptible to ethical slip-ups (or worse), but we can work together to create a culture where we’re all encouraged to be our best selves.

We’ve partnered with The (Dis)Honesty Project to design sessions that reveal the ways we can all act poorly under certain influences, and how to support ethical decision-making.

We can work with you to:

  • Re-design your current ethics training to address areas in which your company is most vulnerable
  • Create new, high-quality materials based on interviews with your senior & entry-level staff
  • Drive norm change within your organization so that shifts stick


We lead 90-minute presentations with videos and engaging discussions with experts to target the areas most relevant to your organization. 

We create robust and interactive online courses that include videos and quizzes to support ethical decision-making at your organization.

We design in-depth, custom training programs (or re-design what you have) to proactively address ethical decision-making across the board. Tailor-made for you and your people.

Bring the Signature (Dis)Honesty Project Workshop to Your Organization

We’ve partnered with The (Dis)Honesty Project to design sessions that reveal the ways we can all act poorly. Our programs can be tailored to ethics leaders, managers, or general employees. We use our existing videos as a springboard to discuss ethical challenges within the context of your industry and offer precise mitigation strategies to improve the situation going forward. 

Interested in bringing ethics training to your team?


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