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Custom Training

Custom Training

Integrate behavioral science into your organization's DNA.
I feel like we've been given a pair of X-Ray glasses to see a hidden world driving user behavior. These insights and tools will shape how we build experiences for the foreseeable future.
Ryan Murphy
Director of User Experience at Indeed

Use the science of decision-making to supercharge your roadmap.

Solution Workshop with Indeed

Indeed wanted to leverage behavioral science to help more people get jobs. During our full-day sprint, the Indeed team mastered Irrational Lab’s “3B Framework” for behavior change, conducted a behavior diagnosis and designed seven promising mockups to inform future product roadmaps. 

Training workshop with 20 fintech companies

i2i brought us in to teach 20 financial organizations across East Africa about the science of decision-making and the psychology of money. During the three-day workshop, attendees designed behaviorally-informed features to increase the financial health of their customers, all while driving adoption and active use.

The workshop was fast-paced and fun.  We practiced using behavioral insights to design new solutions and dove into our core challenges with the expert facilitators. 
Enrique Belenguer
Behavioral Economics Global Leader for BBVA

We've trained the best

Irrational Labs has created a fantastic framework for thinking about behavior change and how to test it out in the wild.
Kelvin Kwong
VP of Product at Big Health


Solution Sprint

Our interactive workshops help you learn how to apply behavioral insights while attacking your biggest product challenges. You learn the seminal psychologies affecting your customers and design solutions to address them. 

Your behavioral science unit

We can act as your internal behavioral science unit driving results or can advise on bringing behavioral economics in-house. What type of candidates do you need? What are the KPIs? How does the unit deliver on short- and long-term results?

Behavioral Economics Bootcamp

We build internal capacity with immersive online courses that take any design or product team from novice to expert. You’ll learn to think like an academic while moving at the speed of Silicon Valley. 

Custom Bootcamp

We tailor our signature Bootcamp to your company and customize it to help grow your behavioral economics capacity – with drop-in hours and immersive workshops just for your team. Together, we’ll help you develop a strong culture of behavioral economics in your company culture, leading to improved outcomes in your business.

The NFL commissioner has the tough job to manage 32 strong owners. Kristen could apply to be the NFL commissioner after successfully facilitating this week!
Arthur Blank
founder of Home Depot and owner of the Falcons



Behavioral Diagnosis

We teach you the core tool behavioral scientists use to assess a problem.


Identify Psychologies

You learn the most relevant psychologies affecting your customers.


Solution Design

You build out a solution that could change behavior and test your assumptions.

We have perfected the format over 10 years

The workshop consists of 3 parts

Each part has a mix of lectures and working sessions – people are not only learning, but they are also doing.

The 3 parts:

1) Behavioral processes. How does a behavioral scientist solve problems?

2) Psychologies. What are the hidden forces acting on people?

3) Measurement.  How do behavioral scientists do rapid testing and measure results?

We choose from the hundreds of biases and synthesize the relevant behavioral insights to include them in your workshop.

It's a firehose

Your team will walk away with dozens of practical solutions for your short-term roadmap and also lightbulbs for your long-term strategy.

  • You will learn the top biases faced by your customers
  • We will actually do a behavioral diagnosis for each of these journeys (the BE method!)
  • We will practice applying the diagnosis and 3B model to drive research and ideation
  • Teams will design solutions with a hypothesis and present the impact and implications

Our workshops equip participants with core skills needed to understand your customers and then design and build products that work.

Who doesn't love competition?

The workshops are split across two weeks and consist of three sessions, 2.5 hours each. On the last day, you’ll put it all together and teams will compete for the best behavioral insights and solution design. This format encourages teamwork, rapid learning, and tactical outcomes.

But you won’t be doing it all alone. You get our most senior directors to design your custom agenda, facilitate the day, and egg on the competition!

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