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Science of Change

Join host Kristen Berman, behavioral scientist and co-founder of Irrational Labs, as she chats with visionary product and organizational leaders to uncover their insights about user behavior – how they’ve managed to change it.

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Episode 1

How Is Peloton So Good at Getting Us To Exercise?

Welcome to The Science of Change podcast! In this first episode, our host Kristen Berman kicks it off with a case study on an enormously successful company: Peloton. Kristen sits with David Packles, Senior Director of Product Management at Peloton Interactive, to unpack the behavioral tactics used by this game-changing home fitness enterprise.

Episode 2

How Does Duolingo Get Us To Learn a Language?

In this second episode of The Science of Change, our host Kristen Berman dives into one of the most successful apps for language learning: Duolingo. Kristen sits with Duolingo’s Head of Product Management Cem Kansu to talk about the ways this amazing app keeps people engaged and learning.

Episode 3

How Does Sleepio Put Us To Sleep?

In this episode of Science of Change, our host Kristen Berman talks to one of the sharpest applied behavioral scientists out there and the Chief Product Officer at Big Health, Kelvin Kwong. The popular sleep app Sleepio and the anxiety therapeutic app Daylight are some of Big Health’s products in the rising market of health apps. How have they managed to join behavioral science and clinical psychology methods into an online service?

Episode 4

Can Credit Karma Help Us Manage Our Money?

Behavior Change is hard, but if there is an area even harder to master it’s personal finances. Things like saving and building a credit score are far from our favorite activities. In this episode of The Science of Change, Kristen talks to Product Manager and the Growth Lead for Credit Karma Money, Kyle Thibaut.

Episode 5

How Does WW Help Us Lose Weight?

There are a ton of diets and weight loss programs out there, so does Weight Watchers actually work? What strategies have they developed to track new habits and break old ones? Tune in and learn Weight Watchers tactics to encourage people to eat better and stay motivated in the very difficult path of losing weight.

Episode 6

How Does LinkedIn Get You a Job?

Job sites are marketplaces that are evolving, what might have worked yesterday to help you stand out may not do the trick next year. Jump into Kristen’s conversation with Ada Yu, Director of Product Management at LinkedIn, to learn the state-of-the-art strategies for hiring and what the difficult task of applying for a job and signing a contract will look like in the near future.

Episode 7

How Is PFF Changing the Game of Football?

Who said numbers ain’t fun? In football and sports in general, many fans try to develop a new way to connect with the game through analytics and predictions based on stats. Data research has become so important that it now determines how teams make decisions and how they operate as a whole, defining what their strategy is and even becoming the key to winning a championship. Eric Eager, VP of Research and Development at Pro Football Focus, talks with Kristen about how the analysts firm is changing the game of football with behavior science.

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About the Podcast

The Science of Change is a podcast that seeks to demystify how businesses apply the psychology of decision-making. Each episode features visionary product or organizational leaders to find out how they’ve leveraged data to learn about both their customers’ and their employees’ behavior — and how they’ve managed to change it. Those insights, along with some of the latest research in their fields, will help us get to the bottom of our core psychologies.

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