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There’s no time like the present to learn what behavioral economics is, and how to integrate it into your professional and personal life.

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Our 8-week, online course guides you through the most important lessons from behavioral economics and helps you apply them to your product and marketing strategy.

Custom Team Trainings

Our interactive workshops teach behavioral economics principles to teams both large and small. You learn the craft while solving your immediate business problems.

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Our TEDx Talk

Kristen Berman’s brilliant TEDx talk given in Berlin, called “Don’t Listen To Your Customers – Do This Instead”.

Ask a B.E. Scientist

We asked behavioral scientists around the world questions that people want to know.

The Science of Change

A podcast where we interview visionary product and organizational leaders about their insights about user behavior, and how they’ve managed to change it.

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Behavioral Design Guide

Behavioral design is a problem-solving approach that uses insights from behavioral economics to design products that actually change behavior (for good).

The 3Bs

This framework goes through the three most important steps to design for behavior change.

Behavioral Diagnosis

Learn how we do a step-by-step analysis of how users actually behave.

Experimental Guide

How to use experiments to make decisions and avoid costly missteps.

Evidence-Based Lit Review

Basing strategy on evidence-based solutions is key to any successful behavioral science-based design. Here is our guide on how to do a lit-review:

Watch our short clips on behavioral science:

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Read our latest musings. We are biased but we think our POVs are quite interesting.

Our TEDx Talk

Our co-founder and CEO Kristen Berman gave a TEDx Talk about Behavioral Design.

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Check our 8-week online course. Find out why your customers make decisions and how to change behavior (for good).

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Don't Listen to Your Customers - Do This Instead