3B Framework: The Irrational Labs Approach to Behavior Change

November 11, 2022  |  By: Irrational Labs

Meet the Irrational Labs 3B Framework

3bs framework depiction

The list of behavioral economics principles for behavior change is long. Loss aversion, social proof— there are so many.

To help structure and simplify them, we created the 3B Framework to help design behavior change that improves lives. Over the years we have iterated on it to capture the complexity of behavior change while also maintaining the principle of simplicity. Today, we are excited to share it with you!

The framework goes through what we think are the three most important steps to design for behavior change: Identifying the key behavior, removing barriers, and amplifying benefits.

Among companies that have used our approach to design products are Facebook, Google, and the World Bank.

3B Framework

Tried the 3B Framework Miro Board template? Head to the Miroverse and check it out.

Step 1: Identify One Key Behavior

The first step of the 3B Framework: define the exact behavior you want someone to do and when in the flow they should do it.

Step 2: Reduce Barriers

Barriers slow your user down! To create the path of least resistance for any key behavior for them, remove or simplify as many decisions as possible. This should lead to your desired key behavior.

Step 3: Amplify Benefits

Barriers add friction. Benefits, in contrast, add the motivation to complete a key behavior.

Questions the 3B Framework Will Enable You to Answer

The 3B Framework will empower you to answer the following questions and more as a product manager:

  • How can I increase uptake of a new feature or program?
  • Why are people dropping off midway through the sign-up flow?
  • How can I increase engagement with my product or service?
  • How do I maximize potential user adoption of my product or service?

In short, the framework distills human psychology into a model that can help product designers, marketers, and managers build better products.

We hope this 3B Framework guide will help you on your journey to hack human nature for good!

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