NeuGen and Irrational Labs Form Strategic Partnership

April 16, 2021  |  By: Irrational Labs

Irrational Labs today announced it will partner with NeuGen to increase accessibility of telemedicine services using behavioral science.

Telemedicine has surged amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and many systemic barriers to telemedicine have fallen. At this critical moment, Irrational Labs and NeuGen seek to further expand adoption of telemedicine services for WEA Trust and Health Tradition Health Plan, using strategies rooted in behavioral insights.

Irrational Labs uses a scientific approach to design and grow solutions that prompt behavior change. The behavioral research and design firm will leverage its expertise in healthcare through a partnership with NeuGen, which provides innovative medical management and administrative services to healthcare and insurance companies throughout Wisconsin, supporting both WEA Trust and Health Tradition health plans. 

“By bringing a behavioral lens to telemedicine adoption, we can make healthcare services more accessible and affordable for patients,” said Kristen Berman, Founder and CEO of Irrational Labs. “We see this collaboration as an opportunity to shift how patients utilize telemedicine services and engage with the healthcare system more broadly.” 

Patient decision making and behavior play an increasingly critical role in every aspect of health. In the US, there are 130 million Emergency Department (ED) visits each year. Between 13 and 27 percent of those visits could be to alternative services including telemedicine. By increasing the accessibility of telemedicine, we can divert unnecessary ED visits and thereby improve patient experiences, outcomes, and engagement with preventative health services. 

“With telemedicine only expanding, it’s critical to design these services in a way that maximizes patient access and well-being,” said Daniel Rose, Director of Marketing and Product Development at NeuGen. “We believe that behavioral science offers us the tools to do so most effectively.”

NeuGen and Irrational Labs recognize the need to accelerate the development of behavioral solutions to drive health outcomes. This partnership brings together deep skills in behavior change to help support patients through successful telemedicine engagement. 

The partners will be rigorously testing solutions and hope to make results public in 2021. 


About Irrational Labs

Irrational Labs is one of the top behavioral science firms in the U.S., primarily serving the financial and health sectors. The team uses behavioral economics insights to design, build and research solutions to product and organizational design problems. Irrational Labs was co-founded by Dan Ariely, professor, author and behavioral economist, and Kristen Berman, a renowned applied behavioral scientist.  

Irrational Labs has worked with Google, Microsoft, The World Food Programme, The World Bank, Intuit, Lyft, Fidelity, Aetna, and many other companies to change behavior for the better. Irrational Labs has run over 50 experiments to drive organizational and human behavior metrics and has trained hundreds of people inside big and small organizations. 


About NeuGen

Founded in November 2018, NeuGen is a Shared Services organization based out of Madison, Wisconsin. In 1970, the not-for-profit WEA Trust was founded by the Wisconsin Education Association Council. In 2018, WEA Trust acquired another Wisconsin-based health plan, Health Tradition, in order to serve both public and private employees in the state. Today, NeuGen supports both health insurance companies in addition to providing medical management and administrative services to other healthcare companies.


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